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For 30 years, Darrell J. Dolan has been serving from one Indianapolis location, with the same photo on the Internet. Darrell’s old school office, one attorney and one secretary, have been serving the Indianapolis area keeping cost down and personal service high. If you find yourself unable to keep up with your bills for whatever reason, working with a competent, credited debt relief lawyer can be the best choice for you to get a fresh start on your financial future. Reliable, confidential, effective services are what you can expect when working with the Law Office of Darrell Dolan.

We understand that could be a stressful time for you and your family, but there is no need to continue being stressed. We file hundreds of bankruptcies and will be sure to help get you the maximum legal relief.

Clients chose Darrell J. Dolan because he helps:

  • Eliminate Debt

  • Stop Garnishments

  • Handle Creditors

  • Keep Cars

  • Keep Homes

  • Get a Fresh Start

For determining the best steps to move forward, Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney, Darrell Dolan will send you a map to our office and a short questionnaire, to be filled out in advance, that will help determine where to start with your case. It is also advised to bring a paycheck stub and the bills you have to your first meeting. After reviewing your information, our office will prepare the documents, have to sign the documents and submit your request to the court. After 30 days, a hearing in court will take place, and after 60 days your debts are discharged in most cases.

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Payment Plans Are Available


To receive prices and information on how to file bankruptcy please contact us or call 317-842-0022.

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