Uncontested Divorce

Going through an uncontested divorce in Indianapolis? Stop by our Castleton office to speak with Darrell today!

We all know that friend, co-worker or neighbor who has gone through a nightmare divorce, but divorces are don’t need to be so painful. Whether your marriage has been called off on good terms or bad terms, more often than not an uncontested divorce should be pursued when possible.

Uncontested divorces are the most common form of divorce and occur when both parties can agree without going to court, and work together to negotiate the set of agreements such as child custody, visitations, and child support, division of assets and payments of spousal maintenance.

Darrell J. Dolan will prepare all the paperwork in person at his Castleton office and guide you through common issues, making your divorce as easy and a quickly as possible. In most cases, you will not have to go to court and a sheriff will not serve your papers on your spouse.

Take your first steps in filling your divorce by contacting Darrell J. Dolan. Darrell has been serving Indianapolis couples for over 30 years, making their divorces quick, painless and fast. His old school law approach with one attorney and one secretary helps keep costs down and service quality up. To receive pricing and information on how to file a divorce, please contact us by email or call 317-842-0022.